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Chocolate Festival

Harvard Square is hosting A Taste of Chocolate festival during the last weekend of January. (Jan. 27-29)

I've never been to a chocolate festival, but the schedule is already making my mouth water. ;o; I'd really like to try one of the "Dining in the Dark" events but I don't know if I can spare $60 for just one meal....

...might do it anyway, though. XD

Tonight, Jan. 7 at 7:30, Scott Metcalfe's Monteverdi Vespers

The Boston Musical Intelligencer:
The long and lofty barrel vault of St. Paul’s Church in Cambridge will resonate with music of Monteverdi and his contemporaries on January 7, when Green Mountain Project presents as a free concert, Scott Metcalfe’s reconstruction of a vespers service from 1640. The New York Times called GMP’s performance in that city of the 1610 Vespers “quite simply terrific,” and New York Magazine named it one of the Top Ten Classical Music Events of 2010.

No idea how packed this will be, but I'm showing up around 6:30. Inside scoop says the acoustics at the front are good, the middle is mediocre, and the back is actually the best.
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Dreamwidth meetup on March 17th!

Dinnertime meetup of Dreamwidth users. Looks like we'll probably be at Namaskar in Davis Square, but keep checking [site community profile] dw_meetups in case this changes.
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tomorrow's primaries

I did some research about the Treasurer and Auditor primaries for tomorrow's election, if anyone is interested. It's fairly shallow, but it's more than I had an hour ago.
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primaries tuesday

Are there any interesting contested primaries for Tuesday? I'm uninformed this month.
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crane in the Alewife Brook?

Sometimes I wish I had a fancy cell phone just so I would always have a camera on me. This morning, as I passed the intersection of 16th and Broadway, I saw something that looked a lot like a crane standing by the sewer overflow pipe in the Alewife Brook. I'm not a bird person, so I can't be sure. But it was very tall, standing on long legs, gray all over, that beautiful long curving neck and long beak. Gorgeous, and fairly inexplicable in a watercourse which has lately been too nasty even for ducks.
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I syndicated LJ's Davis_square

[livejournal.com profile] davis_square is now syndicated here as [syndicated profile] davis_square_feed, and [livejournal.com profile] somervillemass is now [syndicated profile] somervillemass_feed. In a more just and perfect world, there would be enough community over here so as not to need that. :D
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Boston militia game tonight. They are undefeated! They are awesome! They are women!

Not enough people know about the Boston Militia, our local women's professional tackle football team. They're 5-0 so far this year, and today are playing the also 5-0 NY Sharks. The game is at Dilboy Stadium (on Alewife Brook Parkway) at 6:00, and tickets are $10, or $5 for Somerville residents.

The games are really fun.
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BOIL YOUR TAP WATER until further notice

Water service to all MWRA customer communities east of Weston has been interrupted by a major water pipe break in Weston Due to this break, A BOIL WATER ORDER IS BEING ISSUED FOR DRINKING WATER FOR ALL MWRA COMMUNITIES EAST OF WESTON UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE.

Cambridge is not on the list, but Arlington and Somerville are.